Sara Mayoral Jimenez

Sara Mayoral Jiménez (1993, Madrid, Spain)



Photo info: Paradise Lost #gender shift

Performance at the Galerie der Künstler, BBK

Tel: (0034)696352588
Instagram: @saramaii

Sara Mayoral, writer, painter and conceptual artist who works in video
and installation. She was born on 17 May 1993 in Madrid and lives in Munich.


What we feel versus what we think.”


Where everything is mixed… where the relations between x behave in a sort of rhizome, where a project begins where another one continues and ends at its own beginning, constantly changing during the time of its creation.

Where each project is responsible for the previous one and the one that continues.
Interrelated objects that are part of performances, installations that become painting, painting that becomes the protagonist of a documentary, a documentary that gives way to a poem about my mother, that transforms my sculptures into birds‘ nests, and later those nests are nothing more than a symbol of an everyday moment, the perfect excuse to talk about how I had my wisdom teeth pulled out.

Of a failed project, of a lost of friendship, of a hat that I thought had been stolen…“

An open umbrella is just ugly_
Serie „to me you are real“ .
Sara Mayoral © 2020
The second before you die_
Serie „to me you are real“ .
Sara Mayoral © 2020

(…)I shouldn’t feel disgust of my defects, seeing them only when something bad happens. While everything goes well, everyone pretends. Everyone lies. He told me that this would not last long and its disturbed me. I need you to lie to me since it is impossible living in the moment. It is Live paying attention. I really want to come back but i can’t.”
Lack of information_ part IV The words sticks even if lifes fly apart_

Sara Mayoral vs Jimena Goldin May Munich
Sara Mayoral © 2020