Zahra Ghadimianazar


Zahra was born in Iran in city which is on The Silk Road  in 1989. She has moved to Italy Since 2013 and entered the Florence Fine Arts Academy and earned the bachelor and   master  degree in painting. She is now student of the accademy of fine art in munich . Zahra belongs to the new generation of Iranian artists which has been emerged in the wake of the impact of the expressionist movements. Abstract forms absorbed her attention and lead her to use sewing technics on fabric as her artworks are influenced by traditional handmade and decorative arts. After completing her bachelor degree, Zahra delved more into art installations and creating artistic objects, which has involved her to discover the ways of communication between the internal world and the external world of the Cartesian subject. The subject which is concerning watching and controlling eyes and tries to pull out the inner threads out of herself and fasten the physical external objects with these inner mental strings.She intends to conquest what it seems not to be part of us. Her artistic research is focused more on the human’s inner aspects of the life through searching for the creative artistic forms of human body and her interpretation of the personal characteristics. She wants to go beyond the limits of the language and not being locked in the sphere of artistic technics. She expresses her ideas by different possibilities such as digital video, doll making, print making and sculpture in order to discover new modes of artistic languages.


تو که سردرگمی و دیوانه، برای تو می خوانم، لالایی سرزمین های دور را، تا کلاف سردرگمی ات را با هم بریسیم و پیچ و تاب خوران رها
شویم در شاعرانگی بی کلام آوایی بی ملیت. بی مکان و بی زمان تا که مرز ها را در بنوریم و با هم قدم در راه کودکیمان بگذاریم، آنجایی که نه
تو تویی و نه من، من. آنجا که هر ریسمانی به قلبی می رسد، به سرشتی که می تواند من باشد یا تویی که با ریسیدن این کلاف رفته رفته دردهایت
را بالا می آوری. منی که میزایمت و از پس هر زایش، جانی دوباره میگیرم. صدایمان را با هارمونی کلاف هایمان بهم میرسانیم از ورای بودن
ها ونبودن ها، ورای این دنیای نا آشنای مجازی.

You who are confused and mad , I sing for you, the lullaby of distant lands, so that we can break the shackles of your confusion together and be left twisted in the wordless poetry of a stateless voice.Spaceless and timeless to cross borders and step on our childhood path together, where neither you are you, nor I am me.Where every string reaches the heart, to the essence that can be me or you that gradually vomit all this mass of your pains by spinning.I who give birth to you and after each birth, I will be rebirthed.We unite our voices with the harmony of our mass of strings, beyond the being and the non-being, beyond this unfamiliar virtual world. 2020 Jahresausstellung Klasse Johanna Reich

My Fears(Dolls series)

100 ,piece of my heart

Adac munich exhibition

The invisible cities