We live in a pandemic society – and soon, hopefully, in a post-pandemic one. At the moment our society is returning more and more to normal everyday life, and a certain corona fatigue is spreading. What our society will look like in the coming years is something we are currently deciding with our actions. We are building our future.

Many students of our class come from other countries. This is wonderful because it opens up diversity and a broad discourse. But especially students from abroad are extremely affected by the crisis.

This is the next generation of artists; by supporting them we are building a society that continues to value free and artistic thinking. These young artists deal with existential questions of being human, especially in times when certainties are becoming fragile and social foundations are proving to be fragile.

As a class, we have decided to defy these adversities and become personally active. We have created a video channel and a PDF in which the students present some of their work and offer it for sale:

Emergent Art in Emergency is what we have called this action. It means much more than selling art: it means generating hope and a future.

If you are interested in one of the works, you can contact the artists directly. The PDF shows the respective contacts. If you do not want to buy anything, but still want to support artists – anytime! We are pleased. If you have any further questions, I am also at your disposal.


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